Oak, pine, willow…

Embossed wall coverings, bark of oak, pine, willow or old plank designs are produced from material resistant to external impacts and all weather conditions.
Intended for interior and exterior decoration, for flat and rounded surfaces. With their relief structure, tree bark wall coverings give your space a natural look, warmth and a special atmosphere.
With a faithful creation of natural imperfections, hollows, protrusions, exposure to various weather conditions, we create the beauty of authentic colors and reliefs from nature.

The acoustics of the space

In addition to having a decorative role, due to their irregular relief structure, they also contribute to acoustics of space.
We carry out the entire process, from production to assembly, ourselves.

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    Polymer of the latest generation.

    • with exceptional mechanical and chemical properties
    • resistant to a large number of chemicals
    • resistant to wear, exceptional strength
    • can be continuously in water without losing its properties

    Plate thickness: up to 3 mm

    We adapt the size of the panel to the surface on which it will be placed: standard size 300 x 120 mm