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The inspiration for creating this decoration came from the client’s wish that even in their temporary space, rented apartment, office, house, they have wall decoration that they can take with them to a new space, yet that it is still special and the main detail on the wall of the room.

Everything we do, we do with great respect for the nature that surrounds us, respecting its perfect imperfection – nature is our eternal inspiration. Faced with increasing destruction and disappearance of natural resources, we found a recipe to, through our products, bring its beauty and shapes in interiors, with minimal impact on the environment.

That’s how this decoration was created, which catches your eye as soon as you enter the room, and just looking at it has a soothing effect and reminds us of lightness, peace and beauty. It irresistibly reminds you of the most beautiful rock you have ever seen and awakens feelings of calmness, stability and strength. Its reliefs are so real to the touch that, in a moment, they take your thoughts to the most beautiful expanses of nature that you can possibly imagine.

We can combine the decoration of the circle of rocks with LED lighting.

We make them in two dimensions: 1m and 1.40m in diameter